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Bioclimatic pergola BLADEROOF12


Bioclimatic pergola BLADEROOF12

Biocliamtic aluminum pergola BLADEROOF12 with rotating blades up to 135o, can provide the shaded areas with fresh air and sun light with just a simple adjustment. The model can be self-standing or wall mounted.


More details

Bioclimatic pergolas are equipped with rotating aluminum blades, powdered coated according to Sea-Side qualicoat EN standards.

Structures are always flat, boxed inside a delicate aluminum frame where all the mechanisms and gutters are integrated. Are specially designed to withstand any weather conditions and are completely waterproof. At the same time bioclimatics can offer natural sunlight and can allow fresh air to enter the shaded area, simply by adjusting the blades.

The system supports integrated and totally hidden gutters, and the drainage is made through the posts.

The simple straight lines and incomperable design, are ideal for almost every outdoor area, private or commercial. Vertical closure with glass or Zip screens, is also available in those models. 

Bioclimatic pergolas are made to measure and are installed by our experienced technicians globally. 

All Bioclimatic models are equipped with Somfy RS100 hybrid motor and remote control.

        Single module                             Double Module
        Max 450 X 612                            Max 450 X 1204 
     Coupled with pillar Module          Coupled model without pillar 
     Max 880 X 612                          Max 630 X 450                                          


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 



Bioclimatic BLADEROOF12


Aluminum colors

White Ivory Grey Brown
   9016     1013     9006      8014 
Anthracite Titanium  
  7016      7022 
Beam 25X112 / Pillars 12X12
Led Lights on the blades
Led Lights on the perimeter gutter
Door Slide - Sliding Glass doors
High Low - Retractable glass panels
VertiZip - Zip screens for shade


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