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Retractable Bioclimatic PANORAMA


Retractable Bioclimatic PANORAMA

Panorama is a retractable louver model, designed to open and pack at the back, allowing the protected area to ventilate and also providing a clear view with no obastacles.


More details

PANORAMA Bioclimatic is always attached to a wall, inclined (15%) and the cover can either be laminate glass 4+4, or insulated aluminium panel for maximum weather protection.

The frame has to be made by steel, especially when using glass, as the total weight of the structure is too heavy for aluminium frames to support it. The steel structure is of course provided upone request, is Qualicoat class 2 powder coated and all the joints and fixation is done with screws.


With insulated panels: Width 610 X Projection 595 (3rd runner over 310 width)

With tempered glass: Width 550 X Projection 595 (3rd runner over 190 width, 4th runner over 370 width)

PANORAMA operates with Somfy Sunilus io motor

Please contact us for additional information or quotation 



Retractable Bioclimatic PANORAMA


Aluminum colors

White Ivory Grey Brown
   9016     1013     9006      8014 
Anthracite Titanium  
  7016      7022 
Runners: 190X50
LED Lights on the runners
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