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Retractable glass panels HIGH LOW


Retractable glass panels HIGH LOW

The new trend for vertical closure, are the retractable glass panels. They consist of one bottom fixed panel, side guide rails and a retractable glass panel that moves upwards and downwards, protecting the area from wind, cold or heat, enabling the use of AC. HighLow is an ellegant, easy-to-use product and is always produced to measure. 


More details

HighLow has two different models, in order to cover all the different needs and demands. 


HighLow Freestanding / Telescopic

Freestanding / Telescopic is designed to protect from the wind areas shaded either by parasols or arm awnings. As described, panels are individualy fixed on the ground and surrounding the shaded area.

In Telescopic the retracting panel has aluminum frame. Telescopic model uses 8mm tempered glass for the fixed panel and 6mm laminate glass for the movable one. As shown in the following image, there are also special aluminum profiles to form corners and make the panels even more stable.


Telescopic model                      Corner joint profile

Simple Freestanding model with pillars 17x6mm allow the use of frameless 10mm tempered glass for both fixed and retractable panel in large dimensions, as shown in the drawing.

Both models use and external handle bar where also the counterweight are installed. 


HighLow Built-in Manual / Electric

Built-In models are fixed inside a pergola frame, inside a wall opening etc. HighLow can function manually with integrated counterweights inside the vertical guides, or with an electric motor and remote control.

Both models use tempered glass panels of 10mm, frameless and totally insulated. Installation is easy and everything is tailor made.


        Framelss glass                                        Electric motor box




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Retractable panels HighLow





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